Verity Audio celebrates the 25th year of the Parsifal with the Parsifal Anniversary

December 21, 2020
In 1995, we introduced the Parsifal, our very first loudspeaker. From the earliest days, it was designed to bring the listener a pure, real and pleasant listening experience, free of audio fatigue and sound distortion. These principles, first achieved in what is now Verity’s most renowned product, have since defined our identity and guided the creation of all the other lines of our brand.

Through the years, the Parsifal has been refined further and further, bringing it ever closer to our ideal. The Parsifal Anniversary, the latest product of its line, is the result of twenty years of continuous improvement in components and design.

The most visible change to the Anniversary is the brand-new floor isolation stand that insulates the loudspeaker from the surface on which it is laid, further improving the purity of sound and guaranteeing a consistent, balanced audio experience regardless of the material on which the Anniversary sits. Thanks to this new base, the loudspeaker no longer has to be installed directly on spikes. This, coupled with the segmented design of the product, simplifies initial setup and later adjustments.

An enhanced degree of accuracy in the arrangement and stabilization of its inner elements helps the Parsifal Anniversary bring you a more coherent, natural sound, giving your music the purity you would expect of a concert hall, free of the undesirable artifacts that cause audio fatigue. Moreover, the improved electrical impedance matching of the new components facilitates compatibility with your other devices.

The casing of the new Parsifal, hand-crafted by our experienced artisans, is glazed with an Italian varnish and sports an elegant blend of lines and curves designed to optimally contain a proprietary combination of insulating layers. These layers, made of a variety of precisely assembled materials, represent years of research by Verity engineers, who tested numerous arrangements until they found one that would dissipate unwanted energy while allowing music and the natural sound of instruments to shine through unhindered.

Thanks to its discreet rear-firing woofers, its unobtrusive cylindrical feet and the wide range of finishes in which it is available, the Anniversary will blend seamlessly into any décor.

The Parsifal, as our first and most prominent product, remains at the heart of Verity Audio. Its latest version, the Anniversary, allows us to bring you even more of the true, natural sound we have strived for over the last two decades. The recent design ideas applied to the Anniversary complement the core concepts behind all of our products, granting your music realism, depth and dimension.

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