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Inside Verity Audio

Since our company’s inception in 1995, Verity Audio’s design team has always put science at the service of musical emotion, room integration and freedom from listening fatigue. Over the years, our unique approach has led to the implementation of unique and groundbreaking solutions. Find out more about Verity’s innovative approach to product design right here in our blog section.

A New Breakthrough in Sound Purity: the MASIS

March 30, 2023

Some of our proudest achievements are our bolder innovations in design, such as rear-firing woofers and separate satellite and woofer cabinets. We believe our latest addition, which was inspired from the insulation platforms found between the various sections in many of our loudspeakers, will also prove its worth.

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Covid Time Verity

High-End Audio at the time of COVID

December 21, 2020

As a music lover and long-time audiophile, this reclusion time was an opportunity to rediscover the embellishment music can bring in someone’s life. It was my moment to rediscover albums that I haven’t played for years.

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