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Pure transparency.
Pure emotion.

Verity Audio has been pursuing the design and manufacturing of exclusive high-end audio products since 1995. Having built a solid reputation for its legendary loudspeakers, the company added amplifiers, preamplifiers, digital audio converters, and processors to its product line in 2017, a choice inspired by the introduction of the Verity Audio’s exquisite Monsalvat System. For over 25 years, Verity’s small team of passionate artisans and engineers has strived to bring music lovers a pure, truthful musical experience in the comfort of their own homes. Our research is geared towards creating products that reproduce live music’s liveliness and fluidity without causing listening fatigue.

Dots in a row

Over the years, Verity Audio has received over a dozen major awards from Hi-Fi & Records, Image HiFi, The Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice Awards, the Stereophile Recommended Component “Class A” listings, and Tone Audio’s Loudspeaker of the Year awards. Our products run the gamut of top-of-the-line equipment, ranging from entry-level high-quality loudspeakers to our flagship and pinnacle of our endeavors, the Monsalvat system of loudspeakers and electronics. We take pride in that even our most modest products are known for their utmost quality. From unassuming looks stem great power that makes Verity products the gray eminence of their field.

Owners of Verity Audio loudspeakers are discriminating listeners who look for transparent musicality and a pure, refined, and organic design that will never go out of fashion. Verity’s combination of beauty and performance has proven irresistible to an entire generation of audio connoisseurs.

Montserrat System

Design Philosophy

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Verity Audio’s product design process always follows the same fundamental steps. We begin by setting our goal, then identify the best solutions, run tests, implement corrective measures and start all over again. This extensive back-and-forth only stops once we reach our ultimate objectives. For us to choose a technology, it must both be measurable and result in audible benefits. Our solutions often buck short-term trends as we favor quality benchmarks and long-term user satisfaction above all. Our choices are always backed by extensive studies, trials, and documented tests.

Besides Verity’s research & development activities, our facilities are centered around an impressive listening room where all our products go through extensive listening sessions before being released on the market. Our products needn’t only meet our strict criteria, but also achieve unanimous approval from our panel of listeners.

The following criteria are core to Verity’s product design philosophy. Should those values speak to you, then Verity Audio products are what you’re looking for.

A Matter of Balance

Dots in a row

All Verity Audio loudspeakers share a common trait, namely their exceptional “synergy”, which means that once our core components come together and interact, the result they produce is far greater than the sum of its parts. Using only components of the highest quality is a good first step, but it’s only through the utmost level of refinement that Verity loudspeakers truly achieve their remarkable performance.

We understand how important it is for each element to be perfectly integrated within the whole. The secret to the incredible balance of our products is the thorough integration of every last part.

A Matter of Passion

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Our quality and reliability standards can only be fulfilled by those with a complete and perfect mastery of loudspeaker engineering, craftsmanship, and music listening. And yet, Verity Audio’s requirements go above and beyond these criteria. All Verity Audio personnel have it in their heart to strive for the greatest achievements in every aspect of the design and manufacturing process.

Skilled and talented craftsmen assemble each Verity Audio loudspeaker. They highly value their workmanship and insist on making every single loudspeaker reliable and beautiful. Our quality control process starts with the cabinet maker and follows the evolution of each product through the entire manufacturing process. Verity Audio technicians make it a point of honor to never let even the smallest inconsistency make it through our factory. This allows us to create loudspeakers that not only ensure immediate customer satisfaction but also remain entirely satisfactory for years to come.

A Matter of Perfect Integration

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No other loudspeaker manufacturer shows this much concern for integrating its products into the listening environment. The room where you listen to your music is a critical component of your acoustic system and deserves to be considered integral and complementary to your loudspeaker. The rearward-facing woofer of Verity loudspeakers is specially adjusted to smoothly and accurately blend into your room.

This configuration, among other indisputable advantages, significantly reduces woofer distortion thanks to better load management. It also allows for better bass extension than similar rooms or diaphragms would typically produce.

Point rouge

Twenty-Five Years Ago…

The stars and ambassadors of the Verity Audio brand are our products and the 25 years of quality craftsmanship behind them. Verity is proud of its accomplishment over this quarter century, a milestone few in the high-end audio industry ever reach. In 1995, Verity introduced its very first product, the Parsifal, a loudspeaker that has since found its place in thousands of homes around the world. No wonder second-hand Verity Audio products are so rare: their owners know full well they can rely on them for a lifetime! We’ve never strayed from our core values through all these years and our proud owners know it. Over the decades, Verity introduced a complete range of loudspeakers and electronics that all share a common trait: reliability and listening pleasure for years to come.

We are one of the few loudspeaker manufacturers to still offer a variety of exotic wood veneers finished with luxury Italian lacquer. While our high-gloss black, white and Makore wood finishes are renowned, our small-batch loudspeaker manufacturing process allows us to accommodate customers with unique and personalized products. Today, Verity offers the magic number of seven splendid loudspeaker models and seven electronics of the utmost quality.