A New Breakthrough in Sound Purity: the MASIS

March 30, 2023
Some of our proudest achievements are our bolder innovations in design, such as rear-firing woofers and separate satellite and woofer cabinets. We believe our latest addition, which was inspired from the insulation platforms found between the various sections in many of our loudspeakers, will also prove its worth.

The Mechanical & Airborne Sound Isolation System (MASIS), which we’ve recently introduced in most of our products, is an insulating layer that diffuses vibrations between the loudspeaker and the ground and absorbs excess sound waves. This not only prevents sound from reverberating off the ground, but also minimizes vibration of the floor and loudspeaker cabinet, especially at high volume levels.

The MASIS is made of a material featuring a high level of acoustical energy loss layered between two sheets of low-frequency vibration control elastomers. This composite is assembled inside a thin shell of solid material, then installed between the cabinet and a set of four cylindrical feet. The result is a surprisingly light, yet durable and effective insulating device.

Each layer plays a specific role: the high airborne-acoustical-energy transmission loss material traps excess acoustical energy and dissipates it as heat, preventing it from echoing off the ground. Meanwhile, the elastomer sheets absorb and neutralize excess kinetic energy produced by the speaker, especially at high volumes and low frequencies. This greatly reduces undesirable vibrations of the floor and cabinet.

Isolation Floor Base

Another advantage of this breakthrough technology turns out to be less obvious. The performance of a loudspeaker necessarily depends on its environment: the size of the listening room, the speaker’s position relative to other furniture and the materials of nearby surfaces all influence the sound a loudspeaker produces. The floor has an especially noticeable effect on the performance of a standing speaker as it is prone to vibrating and is often the nearest surface on which the sound might bounce. A given loudspeaker may sound very different if, for example, it is placed on thick carpet in a second-story room instead of ground-level hardwood, even if the rooms are otherwise identical. The MASIS evens out those differences and ensures a consistent sound experience regardless of the floor.

Finally, the MASIS enables a wider choice of feet, beyond the spikes that are now the industry standard for high-end standing speakers. Diverse designs become possible.

The MASIS is now included with new Lohengrin, Sarastro, Amadis and Parsifal Anniversary loudspeakers. If you own a previous model of one such loudspeakers or a Leonore, you may have it upgraded to the latest version, which includes a MASIS. For a list of all products that can be upgraded and for more information, contact Verity Audio or your local authorized dealer.

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