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Sarastro IIS

The High Priest

The Sarastro is a two-cabinet, floor-standing, three-way, bass-reflex loudspeaker belonging to Verity’s extended range series. The top cabinet features a wide-spectrum midrange and proprietary ribbon tweeter that’s built in-house. The bottom cabinet houses an impressive bass-reflex rearward woofer. Both cabinets are isolated by a solid aluminum platform coupled with special elastomers and the bottom cabinet is floor-coupled via Verity’s Mechanical & Airborne Sound Isolation System (MASIS). The Sarastro exhibits a high 93 dB SPL 1 watt/1 meter sensitivity and inherits from the best Verity Audio technologies.

Dots in a row

The Sarastro IIS is Verity’s ticket to ultra-high-performance in moderately-sized listening rooms. Verity Audio’s unique and ultra-high-quality driver complement grants the Sarastro IIS high efficiency, extended dynamics and ultra-wide bandwidth. The Sarastro has a unique ability to recapture all the drama, excitement and intimacy of the original performance, bringing previously unimaginable dimensions to your recordings.

Driver Complement

2″ (50 mm) pure aluminum ribbon tweeter
6” (150 mm) doped polypropylene midrange with 2” (50 mm) SD-1 Underhung Motor
11″ (280 mm) doped polypropylene Woofer with 2” (50 mm) SD-1 Underhung Motor

Minimum recommended power

7 watts (8 ohms)


93 dB @ 2.83Vrms & 1 meter on-axis


8 ohms nominal / 4 ohms minimum

Dimensions W x D x H

13.7 x 19.9 x 50.2” / (348 x 505 x 1275 mm)

Net Weight

370 lbs (168 kg) / pair

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