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Monsalvat AMP-60

High-Current Amplifier

Verity Audio loudspeakers are defined by their high sensitivity and wide bandwidth, which led our design team to focus on dynamic and sound quality over sheer power. When designing our AMP-60 amplifier, our team strived to keep things simple, but perfect. No exotic class of amplification here: just thorough attention paid to the smallest of details. Our team began by building a massive power supply of a type you would normally find in much larger and far more powerful amplifiers. This potent power supply delivers fast current and pushes the new AMP-60 amplifier’s dynamics beyond anything you’ve heard before.

Dots in a row

The entire unit is built using only the highest-quality parts available, and our engineers have paid special attention to circuit topology and PCB design. Although a 2-layer PCB would have sufficed, Verity opted for a 6-layer model including special shielding and grounding circuitry, which greatly improves the amplifier’s signal to noise ratio. Thicker PCB traces are used, and cables are kept to the bare minimum length.

Beyond just a high-end amplifier, the AMP-60 is a shining gem befitting Verity’s highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. It exemplifies Verity’s know-how and joins the Monsalvat as a reference product in a league of its own.

Input type


Isolation Platform



DC to 140 kHz @—3.0 dB


600 mV RMS


32 dB



Output power

60 watts per channel @ 8 ohms
120 watts per channel @ 4 ohms
180 watts per channel @ 2 ohms

S/N ratio

> 100 dB

Power Supply

1,500 VA


Thick anodized vibration-controlled aluminum


17 x 24 x 8.3” (430 x 610 x 210 mm)


154 lbs (70 kg)


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