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Melodic Richness

The Lakmé is a floor-standing, single-tower, three-way, passive-radiator loudspeaker comprised of two isolated yet attached cabinets. The Lakmé, which is available in satin white or black, features a decorative and easily replaceable front woofer panel. The top cabinet includes a proprietary neo ring dome tweeter and a wide-spectrum midrange. The bottom cabinet houses one rearward woofer and two passive radiators. Both cabinets are isolated by a special elastomer and the bottom cabinet is floor-coupled via an aluminum tripod with three adjustable feet. The Lakmé exhibits a high 91 dB SPL 1 watt/1 meter sensitivity and inherits from some of the best Verity Audio technologies.

Dots in a row

The Lakmé’s unique features guarantee excellent acoustic performance across a wide range of room configurations and placements. Verity Audio opted for a dual-passive radiator topology for easier room placement. This choice provides an excellent dynamic range and increased air velocity, providing fantastic performance in small to average-sized listening rooms.

Driver Complement

1″ (25 mm) SD-2 soft neo ring dome tweeter
5” (127 mm) coated natural paper pulp SD midrange
6″ (152 mm) coated natural paper pulp woofer
2 x 6” (152 mm) coated natural paper pulp radiators

Minimum recommended power

18 watts (8 ohms)


91 dB @ 2.83Vrms & 1 meter on-axis


8 ohms nominal / 4 ohms minimum

Dimensions W x D x H

15.2 x 15.4 x 41.5” / (387 x 392 x 1054 mm)

Net Weight

116 lbs (57 kg) / pair


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