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Parsifal Ovation dans Stereophile

Décembre 2008 - par Sam Tellig

"The appearance of the Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation is stunning, and its sound quality is beyond reproach."
"For me, so much the better."

Le Rienzi dans Tone Audio

2008 – par Jeff Dorgay

"The Rienzi is like a chameleon; it work great with anything and blends smoothly into a system."
"From top to bottom, the Rienzis offered a smooth non-fatiguing sound that easily expanded beyond the boundaries of my listening room."

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Rienzi dans Ultra Audio

15 décembre 2007 - par Jason Thorpe

"Lower in the audioband, the Rienzis energized my bass-sucking basement listening room with low frequencies that I just plain hadn't expected from a modestly sized box with a single 8" driver. Reasonably tight and very tuneful, rich, and warm, the Rienzi produced satisfying bass that perfectly complementedthe speaker's midrange and top end."

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Rienzi dans The Absolute Sound

Octobre 2007 – par Wayne Garcia

“This is a terrific and relatively easy-to-place-and-drive speaker that will brings its owners many years of musical pleasure. That earns it an enthousiastic recommendation."

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Verity Audio Holiday Tour

28 décembre, 2006 – par Sandy Greene

“I always justified my not being able to afford this type of gear with the feeling that what I could afford was close enough. Well now I have heard exactly why people are so crazy for this super high-end stuff, and I am stuck trying to figure out a way, besides playing the lottery, that I could ever afford such a reference system. Man, Verity Audio is one “Together” company“

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Tamino v2 et h2 dans Home Entertainment

Décembre 2006 – par Brent Butterworth

“…those who appreciate the simplicity and elegance of its design will be rewarded with stunning sound quality. Seek out your Verity Audio dealer and give these wonderful speakers a whirl.”

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