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Why choose Verity?


All Verity Audio loudspeakers share a common trait: their exceptional "synergy". This means that the union of the core components and their interactions produces an effect much greater than the sum of its parts. Using only the best quality components is a good first step, but it’s only through the utmost level of refinement that Verity loudspeakers truly achieve their remarkable performance.

We understand how important it is for each element to be perfectly integrated within the whole. The secret to the incredible balance of our products is the thorough integration of every last part.



Upholding the foundational values of our company is part of the way we work. Our quality standards are so high we almost exclusively use proprietary, custom-designed components. We could never reach our ambitious goals with off-the-shelf parts.


Our midrange speaker stands out as one of our crowning achievements.

Copper Faraday rings that improve symmetry and reduce any distortion to inaudible levels. Carefully placed ventilation paths that eliminate any power compression. Voice coils that never overheat to the point of causing permanent damage.

Verity Audio has cleverly integrated these unique and superior technologies into a single transducer.

We use a patented technology whose consistency exceeds that of other drivers, and each driver-pair associated with our loudspeakers is carefully indexed and matched at our factory. Whenever a customer’s product needs servicing, we can easily look up its components and supply a carefully matched replacement.



Our quality and reliability standards can only be fulfilled by those with a complete and perfect mastery of loudspeaker engineering, craftsmanship, and music listening. And yet, Verity Audio’s requirements go above and beyond these criteria. All Verity Audio personnel have it in their heart to strive for the greatest achievements in every aspect of the design and manufacturing process.

Verity Audio technicians make it a point of honor to never let even the smallest inconsistency make it through our factory. This allows us to create loudspeakers that not only ensure immediate customer satisfaction, but also remain entirely satisfactory for years to come.


No other loudspeaker manufacturer shows as much concern with the integration of its products into the listening environment. The room where you listen to your music is a critical component of your acoustic system and deserves to be considered as both integral and complementary to your loudspeaker. The rearward-facing woofer of Verity loudspeakers is specially adjusted to smoothly and accurately blend into your room.

This configuration, among other indisputable advantages, significantly reduces woofer distortion thanks to better loading. It also allows for better bass extension than similar rooms or diaphragms would normally produce.



The shape and accurate inner bracings of the cabinets ensure mechanical and acoustic inertia. Each piece of wood is carefully selected to match with the pair, and veneer is only applied once the cabinets are fully assembled, allowing for perfect joints. Our hand-polished luxurious Italian high-gloss lacquer gives our finished products a beautiful shine and luster.

Our quality control technicians carefully inspect each cabinet. Only those that surpass our high criteria are approved: you’ll only ever get the loudspeakers that truly represent our values of absolute quality and the most rigorous workmanship.


Skilled and talented craftsmen assemble each Verity Audio loudspeaker. They highly value their workmanship and insist on making every single loudspeaker reliable and beautiful. Our quality control process starts from the cabinet maker and follows the evolution of each product through all the manufacturing process. Each individual product has to make it through our listening room, where it’s tested and auditioned. Only after passing this ultimate test will it be approved as a finished Verity Audio loudspeaker.



Owners of Verity Audio loudspeakers are discriminating listeners in search of both transparent musicality and a pure, refined and organic design that’ll never go out of fashion. Verity’s combination of beauty and performance has proven irresistible to an entire generation of audio connoisseurs.

We carefully package and securely ship your loudspeaker in an Air Transportation Approved metal case. This is only the last of a long list of details that contribute to the excitement of getting a truly state-of-the-art product.