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Lohengrin IIS Upgrade

If you own either an original Lohengrin or a Lohengrin II loudspeaker,
it can be upgraded to the Lohengrin IIS.

lohengrin upgrade

Because Lohengrin is a highly accurate loudspeaker system, every owner deserves a room integration allowing the extraction of every bit of performance. To accomplish this, we deeply studied the effects of in-room loudspeaker mechanical coupling and did research on how to appropriately eliminate any loudspeaker-room-coupling interference. After a year of research, Verity found the solution which was brought to the new Lohengrin IIS.

For this solution to become an integral part of the loudspeaker, the Lohengrin IIS also needed its crossover network to be completely redesigned, complying with this new knowledge.

The new Lohengrin IIS is equipped with a new isolation system that both control mechanical and acoustical floor interference. It is inserted between the lower cabinet and the floor, measures 3-3/4 inch thick and having the same shape of the bottom cabinet surface. Underneath the isolation system there are 4 height-adjustable discs for proper leveling and additional isolation. Inside the platform lies the secret of this system where a well studied high-tech material arrangement is acting as an effective filter.

Better loudspeaker room integration, will open up the window of performance possibilities you can achieve with such a refine product. Because of room deficiencies most loudspeakers will, at their best, bring the performance in your room. But in fact, really good speaker-room integration should indeed transport you where the performance took place. And you should expect no less from such a refine loudspeaker as the Lohengrin IIS.

The upgrade consists of the following changes/upgrades:

  • Starting from Lohengrin II:
    • New vibration control platform located underneath the woofer module;
    • New midrange / high-frequency crossover;
  • Starting from Lohengrin I
    • See the Lohengrin II upgrade below and add the above;

Please contact your authorized Verity dealer for further information about cost and scheduling your upgrade.

Sarastro II Upgrade

If you own an original pair of Sarastro loudspeakers,
they can be easily upgraded to the Sarastro II!

sarastro upgrade

The Sarastro II uses the superb and proprietary Verity Audio resonance free, pure aluminum ribbon tweeter that was introduced in 2007 in our reference Lohengrin II. This new Verity ribbon tweeter incorporates a custom-wound, high-purity, impedance matching transformer that exhibits very low resistive and inductive losses. In fact, our research has shown that, due to the low impedance characteristic of a pure ribbon aluminum foil, overall circuit losses in the driver become much more critical than in other designs. Our unique design ensures there are no such losses through a clever short signal path that is implemented in a non-inductive environment. In sonic terms, this feature alone conveys an astonishing level of high-frequency purity without memory distortion, however many other design elements of the driver, from optimally focusing the magnetic-field in the gap, through designing the rear chamber to properly address the rear-wave of the ribbon, make this exclusive pure ribbon one of, if not the absolute best, tweeters ever developed.

As much it would have been easy if the new tweeter could simply have been installed in the original Sarastro without much work to gain the benefits of its sublime performance, getting the entire loudspeaker to

The upgrade consists of the following changes/upgrades:

  • Installation of the new Verity Audio pure aluminum ribbon tweeter;
  • Removal of all original crossovers and internal wiring
  • Installation of new internal wire;
  • Installation of new woofer crossover;
  • Installation of new midrange/high-frequency crossover;

Please contact your authorized Verity dealer for further information about cost and scheduling your upgrade.

Other Upgrades

Some additional upgrades might be available for your product:

  • Parsifal Encore tweeter uprades have been executed through (3) three different generations. Should you be interested to check for your latest tweeter generation, send us an information request complete with your serial numbers or call Verity. Please note that The Parsifal Encore cannot be upgraded to a Parsifal Ovation;
  • Parsifal Encore / Ovation can be bi-wired or bi-amplified with our external bi-amplification filter.Please contact your authorized Verity dealer for prices and availability.
  • Should there be any damages on your product finishing, Verity can repair or redo the lacquer (Subject to restricted conditions). Please contact your authorized Verity dealer for more information or for a cost evaluation.