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Parsifal Encore in Image HIFI (Germany)

February 2000 – by Cai Brockmann

“The delicately balanced tonality of the Parsifal Encore is simply a revelation.”
“From a loudspeaker point of view, this modularly designed jewel comes closer to the ultimate than any other loudspeaker.”

Parsifal Encore in Ultimate Audio

Winter 1999 – by Lars Fredell

“I have always thought of overall coherence as being one of the Parsifal's principal strengths. Much to my surprise, this has also been improved in the "Encore;" bringing about better definition of the soundspace and its inhabitants. This is quite compelling, as it seems to add a lot of air around the instruments, better sense of soundspace layering and a more natural harmonic content in the music. Perhaps the biggest improvement produced by the "Encore" is in the area of transparency. This was another one of the Parsifal's most obvious virtues. At first, I thought the improved transparency had everything to do with the new tweeter. But, I was only partially right. It's mainly due to a better integration between the woofer and midrange units, permitting less low midrange energy to pass through the woofer.

This has a clarifying and purifying effect on the mids, which manifests itself as a pretty substantial improvement in overall transparency. So, a great speaker has become even greater. You rarely, if ever, see a Parsifal for sale in the secondary market. Listen to it and you'll understand why. The "Encore" upgrade is a must have for all Parsifal owners. Hell, in my view, the Parsifal "Encore" is a must have for all audiophiles!”

Parsifal Encore in FI Magazine

September 1996 – by Lars Fredell

“The Parsifal is a breathtaking creation. As an overall design, I believe that it is one of the best we’ve seen so far. To me it certainly is. The design team seems to have reconsidered every element of the execution, from state of the art cabinetry design through the latest in driver technology, cables and binding posts – all tied together by exceptional crossovers.”

“They’ll have to knock me unconscious, at the very least, before they’ll be able to remove these speakers from my listening room. Actually, they won’t have to – they are not leaving. I’ll somehow scrape the money and buy them – with a smile”.