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Sarastro in Stereophile

March 2005 – Review by Michael Fremer

“Connoisseurs of live recordings will find the Sarastros' renderings of Carnegie Hall classics and of live recordings in general to be spectacularly natural, detailed, and believable... I went through a slew of these in one late night session, ending with 'Ben Webster at the Renaissance'. It brought the defunct club and Webster back to life almost too convincingly. It was creepy. I was afraid a waitress would tap me on the shoulder and ask for my next drink order... The Verity Audio Sarastro provided among the most pleasurable listening experiences in my long audiophile life.”

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Sarastro in Enjoy the Music

March/April 2005 – Review by George Pappas

“You might ask, "Is any speaker worth this much?" ...compared to other speakers in this price range, the Sarastros provide solid engineering, superlative drivers, flawless cabinetry and finishing. They are gorgeous... Very important to note also, the Audiotechnology drivers and the Raven ribbon tweeter are very expensive. They cost several times the price of drivers that are used in other speakers of this price range, including some $60,000.00 speakers I know. For what you get compared to other speakers, the Sarastros are very good value for your money.”

 “I've heard other speakers in this price range... Many of the high-priced speakers including the Wilson Audio's, along with the Thiels, sound too precise and very analytical, to my ears at least. They simply don't have the marriage of transparency with musicality. I am not saying that these competing speakers are not good. They are. I'm simply saying that I would rather listen to the great combination of transparency and musicality that the Sarastros provide. In short, truly an impressive world-class loudspeaker. I absolutely would not buy a speaker in its price range without doing whatever it takes to listen to the Sarastros. They are such a significant speaker. Even if you are not in the market to buy or even to afford them, I highly encourage you to go and listen to them. The pleasure and the grin from-ear-to-ear will be worth it.”

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Conversations with Verity Audio in Positive Feedback

by Sasha Matson

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Tamino in SoundStage

February 2004 – Review by Doug Schneider

“This leads me to another performance aspect of the Tamino X3. Verity speakers have a sonic signature that makes them identifiable beyond their styling, and based on the company’s longevity and success with their products, that signature must be a good thing. Do you want the Verity sound, that midrange magic displayed by the Fidelio and Parsifal? Many people do. Do you have the budget for it? If the answer to the first question is yes and the answer to the second is no, the Tamino X3 is your speaker, simple as that.”

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Lohengrin in Son & Image

November/December 2002 – by Reinhard Goerner (translated to English)

"I must recommend everyone to give the Lohengrins a good listen at the first opportunity; better yet, look for that opportunity! Returning home from such an event is like coming home from a great trip, your life enriched by an unforgettable experience. Go to the concert hall more often, the result will be similar. For music lovers who does have the means to do so, there’s no excuse not to take these speakers home… still, don’t miss out on the concert hall.”

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Parsifal Encore in Audiophile Magazine (Germany)

March 2000 (German) – Review by Uwe Kirbach