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Tamino v2 and h2 in Home Entertainment

December 2006 – by Brent Butterworth

“…those who appreciate the simplicity and elegance of its design will be rewarded with stunning sound quality. Seek out your Verity Audio dealer and give these wonderful speakers a whirl.”

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Visite chez Verity Audio dans Magazine Audio

Décembre 2006 (français) – par Marc Philip

« C’est ce soucis du détail qui fait le côté exclusif d’une marque, et là, je reconnais que verity Audio sait faire… »

« Mon collaborateur et moi-même avons été très bien reçus; je retiens de cette rencontre le côté humain qui transpire par tous les pores de l’entreprise, l'ambiance décontractée dans une atmosphère hautement technologique, où chaque personne sait ce qu’elle a à faire, où chaque chose est rangée à sa place, pas de hâte, juste de l’organisation. »

« J’espère que nous vous avons donné le goût d’aller écouter et voir par vous même à quoi ressemble une enceinte acoustique Verity Audio, parce que ce sont des objets de rêve, fait par des gens dont la vocation est précisément de vous permettre de réaliser les vôtres. »

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Sarastro Is the 2006 Award Winner in SoundStage

Review by Frank Peraino

“…if you prefer a girl-next-door natural beauty with inner qualities to last a lifetime, assuming you have the resources, the Sarastro may be your dream date. The more time you spend with the Sarastros, the more you will appreciate what they can do. I grew to admire many things about them, including their honest tonality and beautiful midrange. In this hyped-up audio world of exaggerated resolution and analytical "hi-fi" sound, the Verity Audio Sarastro stands out as a balanced, honest, stunningly beautiful performer that will make you want to remain speaker monogamous.”

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Tamino x2 in Dagogo

August 2006 – “Verity Audio Tamino x2 loudspeaker system:
Perfection for Sandy Greene”

“With the Tamino x2’s, there was now clarity and air that I had not experienced before. The overall sound quality of the album was raised quite a bit through the Tamino x2’s. What great memories though… and thanks to the Verity Audio Tamino x2’s for helping bring them rushing back in great realism and freshness. That’s why I’m a huge fan of the Verity Audio Tamino x2’s. They have a very special way of reproducing music that at once relays more information and at the same time enhances your emotional connection to your music. They glow with more detail, air, ambience… tuneful lows and refined highs. They have rhythmic pace and energy across the entire frequency range yet always sounds coherent and never unbalanced. They create a wide and open yet precise soundstage that’s shareable with others.

They’re also shareable with your living room… giving it back to you with their small size and at the same time adding a sense of modern style and aesthetic with their form design. I can’t find a single flaw in the Verity Audio Tamino x2’s. They’re not inexpensive, and certainly there’s not a cheap aspect about them; but they are extremely well crafted in every way and worth every penny. To me, they’re just perfect.”

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Parsifal Ovation in SoundStage - Part two

December 2005 – Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation Loudspeakers by Jason Thorpe

"…We sat there in quiet, contemplative silence for an entire side of this dramatic and devastatingly sorrowful album, and when it ended, I was distinctly misty-eyed. There's space galore on Tango: Zero Hour, and the Parsifal Ovations floated every instrument clear of its position, giving an unparalleled wall-to-wall image spread…"

"…Having never heard a speaker whose bass sounds as consistently right in my room as the Parsifal Ovation's, I'm forced to wonder if maybe Verity isn't on to something with this rear-firing-woofer thing…"

"…I must have sat there for three hours with a binding-post wrench in my hand while I played those few last albums. "I'll take the speaker down after the next record," I kept promising myself. It was well past 1:00 a.m. on a work night when I began the process, which made for a drowsy morning at the office…"

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Parsifal Ovation in SoundStage - Part one

November 2005 – Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation Loudspeakers by Jason Thorpe

"…I think what impressed me most about the sound that I experienced was how much it resembled what I heard many times at shows. While hotel rooms converted into impromptu listening studios are often responsible for some of the most miserable demo environments imaginable, it slowly dawned on me that every room in which I'd heard Verity speakers managed to produce consistent sound. Now, here in a room that was set up optimally, according to the speaker’s own designers, I was hearing that same thing: deep, tight, visceral bass; a smooth, uncolored midrange; extended but totally relaxed highs; and superb imaging. In all, the sonic evenness of these wildly different rooms and systems was uncanny, and it pointed to a speaker that worked with its surroundings, not against them."

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