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Amadis receives the
"Loudspeaker of the Year Award" in Tone Audio!

by Jeff Dorgay

"Verity Audio, a Canadian speaker manufacturer, wins our top honor in the speaker category again. Thanks to its high 93db sensitivity,the compact Amadis packs a major wallop and is compatible with all amplification. The better your system, the more music the Amadis reveals, making it a prime choice for that “last speaker I’m going to buy” purchase."

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Verity Lohengrin II Loudspeaker
- The Cutting Edge, The Absolute Sound

by Jacob Heilburn

Reprinted from September 2010, issue 2005

"The tonal purity and accuracy of the Lohengrin is astounding. The Lohengrin does a marvelous job of conveying the silky sheen of strings and the bravura sound of brass instruments."

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Amadis receives the
"Select Component Award" in Ultra Audio!

by Jason Thorpe

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Parsifal Ovation, Rienzi and Finn receive the "2010 Editors' Choice Awards" in The Absolute Sound!

The Absolute Sound - March 2010

2010 editors' choice award

Lohengrin II in Haute Fidélité

November 2009 - Haute Fidélité (French)

"Les Lohengrin II sont des enceintes d'une immense transparence qui conservent en permanence une fluidité inattaquable."
"The Lohengrin II is an utterly transparent loudspeaker that always retains an immutable fluidity." (translation)

Leonore, "A Very Classy Lady" according to Stereophile

December 2009 - Review by Sam Tellig

"With whatever music I played - classical, jazz, show tunes, 1920s and '30s music - the Leonore let the music come through, always showing off the strengths of a good recording, never making a less-good recording sound worse."

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