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Verity Audio is proud to introduce its new electronics:


Verity Audio has been perfecting its new Monsalvat system for several years now. This high dynamic range, ultra-wide band loudspeaker system requires an extremely precise and high-resolution crossover controller. Verity’s extensive research soon showed that no product of suitable quality was available on the market—but we had no intention to give up. Since third party equipment failed to meet our strict requirements, our team of practised electrical engineers designed custom electronics that would suit the Monsalvat’s particular needs.


This endeavour proved fruitful. Our in-house-made active crossover brought the Monsalvat to the heights we were hoping for. After getting a taste of this new equipment, many Verity customers and distributors expressed interest in seeing a wider line of Verity-brand electronics enter the market. Given our successful and celebrated first foray in the world of electronics, we have chosen to build upon our experience with the custom Monsalvat equipment to offer a complete line of electronics now available through Verity.


This new line features three digital preamp devices and two amplifiers directly inspired from the well-received Monsalvat custom electronics. This ancillary equipment of the utmost quality features exceptional precision and versatility and is the ideal companion to any loudspeaker, especially Verity-brand speakers.


Our new preamp units are directly inspired from the Monsalvat’s crossover controller, which proved to be a product of superior quality during testing. The original digital preamp/crossover featuring six analog outputs, a four output version (best suited for Lohengrin and Sarastro owners) and a crossover-free version are now available to all customers.


Verity’s two new amplifiers respect our traditional approach by focusing on dynamic range, sound purity and low listening fatigue over raw power, thus best interfacing with our existing high-sensitivity speaker systems. The new 60 watts per channel unit is currently available (see the attached pictures) while another, 250 watts per channel unit will be offered soon. The new Verity amplifiers are built using durable high-end materials and are rather heavy as a result, the 60 watts per channel model weighing in at 154 lbs.


Verity is excited to unveil this development and expects its new products to please music lovers everywhere.



Monsalvat Serie / AMP-60     (...pdf)
Amp 60 front GBBG LR Amp 60 Rear GBBG LR


Monsalvat Serie /Pre-2    (...pdf)

Pre 2 front BGGB LR Pre 2 Rear GBGB LR


Monsalvat Processor Pro-6    (...pdf)

Pro 6 FRPX15 Pro 6 RL4





CES 2016

It's already time for CES 2016! For those of you who will make the trip to Vegas, don’t forget to come and visit Verity. This year, Verity will be exhibiting at THE VENETIAN.

Show dates are: January 6th to January 9th.
Opening hours: from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM.


Verity Audio Sarastro IIS loudspeakers

Played with:

Zanden 9600 MK2 amplifier
Zanden 3000 MK2 tube preamplifierZanden 1200 MK3 tube phono-preamp
Zanden 500 DAC (prototype)
Grand Prix Audio Silverstone F1.5 audio rack
Grand Prix Audio Monaco amplifier supports
Grand Prix Audio Monaco 1.5 Turntable
Triplanar Ultimate 12 inches Tonearm
Airtight PC-1S Phono Cartridge 


Total System price: $220,360.00 USD

CES 2014

This year, CES 2014 will take place on January 7-10
at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) — Suite 35-110

Verity Audio Lohengrin II S loudspeakers

Played with:

  • Lamm ML3 single-ended amplifier;
  • LL1 Signature line-level preamplifier;
  • LP1 Signature phono preamplifier;
  • Tech DAS AirForce turntable;
  • Graham Phantom Elite tonearm;
  • Tech DAS TDC-01 phonocartridge;
  • Neodio Origine cd player;
  • Kubala-Sosna Elation cable serie;
  • Kanso Audio equipment rack.
Total system value: $602,271.00