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Parsifal Ovation

Verity has introduced its new Parsifal Ovation at the Montreal 2005 "Festival Son & Image" on April 1st. Amongst all the new Parsifal features you will find the following:

  • new Scan-Speak high-bandwidth soft-dome tweeter (50kHz and over);
  • new Xover c.w. high-precision very low inductance resistors (Caddock);
  • new woofer cabinet (1-1/2" (38mm) higher ) c.w. a 3-inch diameter vent;
  • new knurled nuts for easy spike tightening;
  • new ATA cases (Similar to Fidelio) for easy carrying;
  • new isolating platform (damped machined aluminum);

The Parsifal exists since 1995. It's been the first product introduced by Verity and it's today the best worldwide known product in our line. It's time for the Parsifal to evolve to a new generation. Our years of experience with this product complete with new developing technologies have brought us to this new design. The new Parsifal is simply a demonstration of our love for musicality and pushes further all the qualities you liked so much with the Encore version.

Its new tweeter is the best soft dome tweeter we know of. It possesses astonishing fluidity and linearity characteristics that we couldn't find in any other tweeter. Also, the new woofer tuning increases the dynamic range and lowers the low frequency noise floor. Being in a competitive market and trying to offer the best possible for the money, we worked hard in making sure that this wouldn't translate in a too high price increase.