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CES 2012

It's already time for CES 2012! For those of you who will make the trip to Vegas, don’t forget to come and visit Verity. As usual, we will be exhibiting in a penthouse suite at the Mirage Hotel (across the street from the Venitian Las Vegas Casino Hotel & Resort). This year, Verity will be exhibiting the Lohengrin II at THE VENETIAN and Amadis with Musical Fidelity electronics at THE MIRAGE.

First System at THE VENITIAN:

  • Verity Audio Lohengrin II;
  • LAMM Ml2.2 power amplifiers (2 pairs)
  • LAMM L2 Reference pre-amplifier
  • NeoDio NR22T cd transport
  • NeoDio NR22D DAC
  • Kronos turntable
  • Graham Phantom II XL12 tonearm
  • Dynavector XV1S cartridge
  • Kubala-Sosna Elation series cables

Second System at THE MIRAGE:

  • Verity Audio Amadis;
  • Musical Fidelity Titan power amplifier;
  • dCS Scarlatti digital system
  • Basis Audio cables
  • Vibex power conditioner.
Show dates are: January 10th to January 13th.
Opening hours: from 11:00 AM until late PM every day of the show.
Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas. (THE VENETIAN 35-309 and THE MIRAGE PENTHOUSE SUITE)