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Floor isolation stands

A new breakthrough in sound purity: the floor isolation stand

The floor isolation stand, recently introduced in most of our products, is an insulating layer that diffuses vibrations between the loudspeaker and the ground and absorbs excess sound waves. This not only prevents sound from reverberating off the ground, but also minimizes vibrations of both the floor and of the casing of the loudspeaker itself, especially at high volume levels.

This base is a plate made of a material with a high level of acoustical transmission loss layered between two sheets of low-frequency vibration control elastomers. This composite, once assembled within a thin shell of solid material, is installed between the cabinet of the loudspeaker and a set of four cylindrical feet. The result is a surprisingly light, yet durable and effective insulating device.

Each layer has its own role to play: the high acoustical transmission loss material captures excess noise and dissipates it as heat, preventing it from echoing off the ground. Simultaneously, the elastomer sheets absorb and neutralize excess kinetic energy produced by the speaker, especially at high volumes and low frequencies. This greatly reduces undesirable vibrations of the floor or of the cabinet.

Another advantage of this new development may seem less obvious. The performance of a loudspeaker necessarily depends on its environment: the size of the room where it is, its position relative to other furniture and the materials from which nearby surfaces are made of all influence the sound it will produce. The floor of a room has an especially noticeable effect on the performance of a standing speaker since it is prone to vibrating and is often the nearest surface on which the sound might bounce. A given loudspeaker may sound very different when placed on a thick carpet in a second-story room compared to when it lies on ground-level hardwood, even if the rooms are otherwise identical. A floor isolation stand evens out those differences and promotes a consistent sound experience across any type of floor.

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Finally, this stand allows a freer choice of feet, which may then differ from the spikes that have become the industry standard for high-end standing speakers over the years. This opens the door to a greater diversity of design.

We are confident that this base, first implemented in the Lohengrin IIS, helps make new Verity Audio products sound even truer than the previous models of their line and allows them to excel in a wide range of environments.

If you own a Verity Audio loudspeaker, it may be upgraded to its newest version, which includes a floor isolation stand. For a list of all products that can be upgraded and more information, contact Verity Audio or your local authorized dealer