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Verity enriches lives
with music.

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." Victor Hugo Today, hi-fi equipment has evolved to a point where the true significance of Victor Hugo's vision becomes accessible in the comfort of your home. Hi-fi has helped me gain a better understanding of just how much music can enrich, humanize, and inspire in the noblest manner. Verity Audio has today the possibility of bringing people in touch with the highest moments of art. We will do so with the respect and attention that you deserve.

Bruno Bouchard, President

Sound clarity like you have
never heard before.

Verity caters to audio connoisseurs and music aficionados that demand transparent musicality and seamless coverage. Thanks to our superior engineering and craftsmanship, our products boast astonishing levels of accuracy. The sounds that emanate are unbelievable articulate and refined.

Even the grandest
sounds depend on the success
of the smallest components.

At Verity, we obsess about details. We always question. We constantly test. We relentlessly improve. We leave nothing to chance so that you can experience intoxicating sound.

Verity Audio
Electronic Family

From left to right & below:

AMP-45, PRO-6, PRE-2, DAC & AMP-60

Verity: Where simplicity
and purity go hand in hand

Back in the early 70's when I was a young audiophile, I realized that true simplicity meant better designs. Simplicity involves being critical about what really matters and understanding how to establish the right balance amongst every element. In fact, simplicity is inherently complex—but its achievement gives very rewarding results. Offering this pure and genuine quality has always been fundamental to us. Giving the name “Parsifal” to Verity’s first product was a testament to Verity’s design philosophy. These virtues of purity and simplicity are directly linked to the myth of the “Holy Grail” and to Parsifal.If, like us, you appreciate these qualities, we encourage you to listen to Verity loudspeakers for yourself.

Julien Pelchat, Vice President